kitchen You will find unusual, one-of-a-kind gifts, as well as everything you need for your home.


Bleu Frog carries all the latest in kitchen gadgets, plus all the essentials. Everything you never knew you needed – and will simplify your life in the kitchen. It’s not just the men in the world who should insist on having the right tool for the job. With all the hours we spend in the kitchen, we deserve to make it as fun, easy, and comfortable as possible. We can make that happen!

Starting with your feet. Our Wellness Mats will change your life! I promise. If you’re going to have to stand, stand on one of these.

Once you’re comfortable, the rest is easy. Need to seed a jalapeno? We have the tool for that. Have a stinky garbage disposal? We can fix that. Want to use more “green” products? Got you covered. Tasting a new wine? We have every wine accessory known to man – or woman.

Make life better. Shop our kitchen.